«Center of Transformation of Ukraine»

Non-governmental organization “Center of Transformation of Ukraine” was founded in 2014. The main goal of the CTU is to promote coordination of efforts of civil society, government, opposition and key international institutions in the development and implementation of European integration model of development of Ukraine.


The main activities of the organization are:

  • The support of economic, social and humanitarian development of Ukraine through the development of sectoral, regional and local development programs and projects
  • Organization of round tables, seminars, study tours to transfer experience of European transformation
  • Promoting investments in Ukraine
  • Promoting entrepreneurship in order to improve the enterprises’ competitiveness, social development and environmental improvement
  • Implementation of sustainable development in Ukraine, development of transparent and effective mechanisms for planning at local and national level and involvement the citizens to management
  • Creation conditions for cooperation between state and local governments, NGOs, businesses and the civil society to support its environmental, health, amateur sporting, cultural, scientific, social and economic issues at the national and regional level, through information, technical and educational opportunities of the Organization


National Forum of Transformation of Ukraine (Website)

September, 22 2015 the National Forum of Transformation of Ukraine took place in Kyiv. The initiators, organizers and active participants were representatives of civil society, NGOs, clergy, education, culture, science, business, the international community.

The organization of this Forum is caused the current challenges that facing Ukraine, the need to maintenance of Ukrainian statehood, to undertake effective reforms and transformations, to ensure sustainable development of the country and the successful process of European integration.

Forum is a support system of reforms in Ukraine. Such approach is based on the best European practices.

The main tasks of the Forum:
  • communication platform;
  • an explanation of the reasons for the changes and reforms to the society;
  • monitoring the implementation of legal and administrative decisions of the authorities and its impact on daily life of society;
  • monitoring and reporting on threats for the reforms.
Forum launches the permanent platform of communication and cooperation between representatives of Ukrainian society, social activists, government (the President, Parliament and Government of Ukraine) and the international community.

Sectoral Forums will be held with the purpose to discuss reform plans in all areas of economic and social life in Ukraine, and to establish systemic communication between civil society, government, parliament and international community. The Sectoral Forums will take place at the national and regional levels and discuss main strategic reforms, without excluding other possible issues of general public interest. Key priority sectors are: business climate; agriculture; energy sector; decentralization and regional development; development of civil society; education and science; social sector; culture.

The Supervisory Board of the National Forum includes such members: Patriarch Filaret, Head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church - Kyiv Patriarchate; Patriarch Sviatoslav, Head of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church; Jan Tombinski, Head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine; Jerzy Kwiecinski, President of Foundation European Center for Enterprise, Responsible for coordination of National Development Policy and Cohesion Politic of Poland, preparation of the National Development Strategy 2007-2015 and National Cohesion Strategy 2007-2013 of Poland; Anatoliy Kinakh, head of the Anti-Crisis Council of non-government organizations; President of the Ukrainian League of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs; Evgeni Utkin, pioneer of high technology, social activist; Eugene Nyschuk, Minister of Culture of Ukraine (2014), Honored Artist of Ukraine, Laureate of the Lech Walesa Award; Mykhaylo Khariy, chairman of non-governmental organization “Center of Transformation of Ukraine”, coordinator of Civil Society Initiative.

Following the Forum a Communication was prepared and published Download English version.

National round table on European Integration of Ukraine

October 11, 2013 the National Roundtable on European integration of Ukraine (the Round Table) took place in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. Among the participants there were representatives of the governmental authorities, opposition, civil society, some members of the European Parliament (Mr. Elmar Brok, Chairman of the European Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs), the European Union (Štefan Füle, European Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy, and Mr. Jan Tombinski, the EU Ambassador to Ukraine) as well as heads of diplomatic missions of the EU-member states to Ukraine (28 ambassadors).

The main goal of the Round Table was definition of priorities towards Ukraine's European integration and presentation of a common vision of further development of Ukraine.

For the first time ever, all political forces have been agreed and Roundtable reflected the combined efforts of the government and opposition on systemic work towards the European integration of Ukraine.

Roundtable started a focused work of the Ukrainian government, all political parties, non-government organizations on approaching the integration of Ukraine to the European values and standards.

Round Table was established on the permanent basis and suggested organizing and holding sectoral round tables to discuss the European integration plans in all areas of economic and social life in Ukraine, as well as to establish systemic work in these areas.

Following the Round Table, a Joint Statement was made, declaring a shared vision of further development of Ukraine, the list of measures to accelerate the process of European integration and the related immediate steps.


  • The Inter-Faction Deputy Association «For the future of Ukraine» in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.